• Demystifying the Application Process

    Profile Building

    Profile Building done through our courses inside and outside the classroom

    Selecting the best fit option

    United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong

    Statements Of Purpose, Essays & Letters Of Recommendation

    Integral part of driving your admissions and scholarships

    Pursue your mbbs studies in the Caribbeans

    Join the American University of Barbados, one of the most renowned MBBS University in the Caribbeans!

  • Mentorship Program truly driven by Ivy League Advisors

    We make your admissions journey as smooth as possible by offering you high-quality guidance

    SAT/ACT Program

    Enhance your score by minimum 200 pts through SAT/ACT Program

    Our Presence

    Connect with our admissions counsellor across 13 locations in India

    Undergraduate Programs

    Choose over 150 areas of study including Liberal Arts, Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Psychology, Business Management, Architecture and various other

    Undergraduate Scholarships for U.S.A

    80-100% tuition fee waivers for students scoring 1300+/29+ across SAT/ACT Exams


  • How do we handhold our students in the admission process?


    Profile Building

    We identify the student's profile based on their personal interests and extracurricular activities and customise their advisory program.


    Test Prep

    We prepare the students for the different exams they have to face in order to build up their application.


    University Research

    According to their profile and personal needs, we shortlist the best available Universities and College options for each student.


    Essay Assistance

    We help create the students' essay according to each student's profile and University of choice.


    Applications and Deadlines

    We keep track of deadlines to make sure the entire application is delivered on time.

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